Heather Keizur MA, LMFT Intern

Heather holds her MA in Marriage Family Therapy from George Fox University and a BS from Corbin University in Psychology; family studies. Early in her college education in preparation to become an an elementary education teacher, the task of corralling 27 4th grade students into a straight line to return from recess turned Heather away from the opportunity to teach and toward the direction of counseling. Heather has always had a passion about diving deeper into relationships and getting to know the story behind the person and the person behind the story. Heather has taken her introspective personality, curious nature, and empathetic skills and placed them all into an opportunity to sit and be with others during what could be the worst, or potentially the best time in their life, and help them sort through the muck and the mire of emotions.  

Heather holds to the belief that we are made to be in relation with others and each of us has a unique story, impossible to compare to another’s. She has a genuine, warm, compassionate and inviting presence leaving little room for judgment. Heather is able to set herself in others shoes and set aside her own history to understand another's history and how it got them where they are. Heather has a deep rooted belief that we are systemically connected, meaning ones history, ones family background, culture whether identified or unidentified and familial roots all come into play in making individuals who they are.  

As a native Oregonian, Heather appreciates each aspect of nature and finds her greatest amount of joy when on a beach with her family. In addition to the beach, she loves being near water whether it be a river, lake or pond. She is a mother of two boys and has been married since 2002. Being a mother of only boys has encouraged Heather to embrace the healing powers of the outdoors (other than snakes) to a greater level and appreciate the freedom it allows for growing up. 

As a counselor and a full time student of life, Heather holds true to the concept that each one of us experiences life in a unique and incomparable way to that of anybody else. Ones emotions are never the same as another; yet, we are all created to be in relation with others. Heather holds the unique ability to bridge the divide of individual experiences and relation and believes that through “feeling felt” we are able to connect in real, vulnerable, and safe ways.