Meet the Therapists at The Hope Connection

  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker/Therapist

    Clinical Supervisor

    Brooke is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) with a Master’s Degree in Social Work and has over a decade of experience treating adolescents, families, and adults. People seek therapy for a variety of reasons and it can typically involve them wanting some kind of hope for a change. Brooke believes that the best way to support adolescents and their families in their desire to grow involves building trust and creating a safe space. Once this space is established and cultivated, it becomes an environment in which to practice new skills learned in both talk and experiential therapies. Brooke also holds a specialty in working with youth on understanding impulsive behaviors and urges that are concerning to the family, at school, or in the community setting.

    Brooke works primarily out of the Portland location.

    You can reach Brooke at

    Phone: 503-966-9273

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  • chelsea B. shields, MA, LMFT Intern/Pre-licensed Professional

    Chelsea is a Marriage and Family therapist who is passionate about living a deliberate life, reaching her full potential and helping others to the same.  She believes if we are not growing and taking responsibility for our lives, we are stuck in a horrible place called mediocrity, something that most are not fortunate enough to escape.

    Chelsea desires to work with individuals and couples who make an intentional decision at changing their lives and creating meaningful and rewarding relationships with those they love.  She believes that in order to embrace the full joy of life, one must learn how to live in the present moment, understand oneself, and know how to receive and give love.

    Chelsea offers Mindfulness Meditation Therapy Groups

    Chelsea works primarily out of the Portland location but is available at the Newberg office.

    You can reach Chelsea at:

    Phone: (503) 908-4655

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    Supervisor: David Manock, PhD, LMFT

  • DEBBIE JOHNSEN, ma, LMFT Intern/pre-licensed Professional

    Debbie provides an accepting and non-judgmental counseling relationship to help clients feel safe and supported. She understands that longstanding patterns of thoughts or behaviors can interfere with achieving a fulfilling life and she works with her clients to pursue effective life changes. Debbie focuses on highlighting strengths in individuals and relationships as a foundation of growth. Debbie has a Master of Arts Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from George Fox University. She works with individuals, couples, and families to address whatever issues or challenges her clients choose. Areas of focus include couples work, life transitions, grief, depression, PTSD, Alzheimer’s/dementia, and communication skills. 

    Debbie works out of both the Portland and the Newberg locations.

    You can reach Debbie at:

    Phone: 503-549-4920

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    Supervisor: James Delanay, LMFT, CADC III

  • HEATHER KEIZUR, MA, LMFT Intern/Pre-licensed Professional

    Heather is a Marriage Family Therapist who delights in the journey of discovering self. This self can be within a marriage, a friendship, community or even in the isolation of betrayal. Heather works with couples, families, and individuals. Heather has a widespread background of working with all ages, and specializes in women’s relationships, depression, loss, identity, and communication. Her year long internship as well as previous experiences have allowed Heather to develop unique skills to the area of adoption for both birth and adoptive parents. She holds to the belief that we are made to be in relation with others and each of us has a unique story, impossible to compare to another’s. She has a genuine, warm, compassionate and inviting presence leaving little room for judgment. 

    Heather works out of both the Portland and Newberg locations.

    You can reach her at

    Phone: 541-579-8889.

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    Supervisor: Michelle Engblom-Deglmann, PhD, LMFT

  • heidi tillotson, MA, LMFT Inter/Pre-licensed Professional

    I believe that all individuals have intrinsic value and worth and need to see that reflected in the eyes of another.  Often things happen in our lives that block our ability to see ourselves correctly or to build and maintain healthy relationships.  I approach counseling from a systemic, strength-based collaborative orientation.

    I desire to be instrumental in helping you heal from traumas, shame and hurts in order to have the life you long for.  I want to help you explore and make the changes you desire.  I believe growth is most often born out of the struggles in our lives and that we need someone to walk alongside us as we journey toward health, wholeness, and healing.  I believe in hope: your story is not finished.  I love helping individuals, couples, children and families to craft a desirable next chapter.

    I work out of both the Portland and Newberg locations.

    I can be reached at:

    Phone: (503) 966-8134

    Supervisor: Michelle Engblom-Deglmann, PhD, LMFT

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  • Ivana Maclay, MA, LMFT Intern/Pre-licensed Professional

    I help couples improve communication, rekindle intimacy and improve awareness of patterns which may result in defensiveness, or feeling "not heard" by your partner. Together we develop goals & strategies for cultivating positive changes. Individuals grow in relationships and I am interested in helping couples develop a loving, constructive and creative relationship in which growth can flourish.  I use the research validated Gottman Method Couples Therapy approach integrated with Emotionally Effective techniques for effective results.  If you are struggling with your relationship, anxiety, PTSD, depression or family problems, I can help.

    I work out of the Portland location.

    You can reach me at:

    Phone: (503) 688-0935

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    Supervisor: Vanieca Kraus, LMFT

  • Jessica L. Powers, Ms, NCC, LPC Intern/Pre-licensed Professional

    Jessica is a National Certified Counselor with a Master of Science degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and is currently working toward licensure in the state of Oregon.  Jessica's active and solution-focused therapeutic approach draws from principles of both Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical-Behavior Therapy (DBT), and is humanistic, or person-centered, in that she relates to each client with genuineness and unconditional positive regard.  Jessica lends a compassionate ear, assists in exploring areas for improvement and can suggest coping strategies for an array of presenting problems.  For issues related to mental illness and addiction, she can also assist in relapse prevention planning so that you can maintain adaptive changes and handle future challenges even after the counseling relationship has ended.

    Jessica is a CADC Candidate (Certified Alcohol & Drug Counselor)

    Jessica works out of both the Newberg and Portland locations.

    You can reach Jessica at:

    Phone: 503-894-5788

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    Supervisor: James O. McNulty, PsyD, LMFT

  • Krista Lawless, MA, CMHC, NC, LPT intern/Pre-licensed Professional

    Krista works hard to create a non-judgmental environment where clients are safe to be authentic. She is a professional post-graduate counselor intern who works with individual adults, adolescents and couples. She holds a Master of Arts degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and a Bachelor's degree in Social and Behavioral Studies from George Fox University. Krista's specialties include teen issues, adult and teen survivors of childhood abuse, toxic faith/religious abuse, women's issues, domestic and dating violence, depression, anxiety, spirituality, shame, coping skills and grief and loss.

    Krista works primarily out of the Newberg office.

    You can reach Krista at:

    Phone: 971-264-2335.

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    Supervisor: James Gurule, LPC

  • liz gregory, ma, LMFT Intern/Pre-licensed Professional

    Co-Founder, Program Director

    Liz is a Child and Family therapist with over 20 years experience working with children, teens and families. As a mother of 2 she is sensitive to the challenges of being a child in this generation as well as raising a cohesive family. Liz believes attunement and attachment are at the core of every human connection and she assists each client with ways to nurture that foundation. 

    She works with children, adolescents, couples and individuals.  Her specialties include working with children ages 3 and up with self-regulation, self-esteem and problem solving skills through Play Therapy; helping families navigate separation or divorce challenges; Prepare/Enrich Pre-Marital counseling, PTSD and trauma, survivors of sexual abuse and anxiety and much more.  Liz also proudly serves as a provider for The Returning Veterans Project, offering pro-bono work. 

    Liz works out of both the Portland and the Newberg location and offers Saturday appointments.

    You can contact Liz at:

    Phone: 503-928-6542

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    Supervisor: Tony Lai, LPC, S-RPT

  • mark porterfield, MA, LMFT intern/pre-licenses professional

    Mark builds safe, empowering relationships with clients, where experiences in therapy propel each one forward in the search for joy, change and meaning. His training enables him to creatively integrate attachment-based theory, interpersonal neurobiology and existential-humanistic perspectives into work with clients dealing with a variety of emotional disturbances, anxiety, behavioral problems, trauma and loss. Mark’s work with clients often involves experiential and expressive therapies including: Sandtray Therapy with individuals and families, Play Therapy with children and Emotionally-Focused work with couples. He is also a certified Prepare-Enrich Facilitator, offering pre-marital counseling for couples. 

    Mark works out of both the Portland and Newberg locations.

    You can reach Mark at:

    Phone: (503) 782-0603

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    Supervisor: Michelle Engblom-Deglmann PhD, LMFT

  • Director of Operations and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

    Clinical Supervisor

    Shari is an Individual Couples and Family Therapist who is passionate about working with teens, individuals, families and couples. She has over 12 years experience working as a Mental Health Therapist, Parent Educator, Teacher, Child Advocate and Mentor. She specializes in working with individuals and families that have experienced trauma, PTSD and family relational issues. 

    Shari works out of both the Portland and Newberg locations

    You can contact Shari at:

    Phone: 503-336-9744

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  • Tabitha Marsh, LAc, LMT

    Licensed Acupuncturist and Licensed Massage Therapist

    Tabitha has been a specialist in Natural Pain Relief & Mind-Body Balance for over 20 years. Her goal is to provide an oasis of immediate relief for people who are going through the overwhelm and frustration of major life changes, chronic illness and pain so that they are freed to do the deep inner work and healing that working with a therapist provides.

    Acupuncture and Massage Therapy may be helpful if you have been:

    • Told that you are too sensitive or get overstimulated easily.
    • Dealing with chronic pain that doesn't seem to be getting better.
    • Slowed down or debilitated by a life-challenging or chronic illness.
    • Frustrated by medications that aren't helping or are causing side effects due to sensitivity, or you have been concerned about potential addictive properties.
    If any of the above are true, natural medicine can  help you reset the neurological and hormonal balance of your body, plus reduce chronic patterns of stress so that you can live the life you want in body and mind.
    You can contact Tabitha at:
    Phone: 503-515-9626