Meet the Therapists at The Hope Connection

  • Amanda Stuempges, MA, Professional counselor associate

    Pre-licensed Professional

    Reaching out for support can feel daunting. It takes bravery to step out into the unknown. As your therapist, I will walk alongside you as you blaze new trails on your journey to self-discovery.  I offer you a space of warmth and safety. Together we will explore your inner strengths, develop skills, and forge meaningful connections as we navigate the terrain of your constantly changing life.  I will collaborate with you in a non-directive, non-judgmental, and compassionate manner.

    My approach to therapy is integrative, meaning I operate from several theoretical frameworks. Depending on your needs and preferences, I will use Emotion-Focused Therapy, Art Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Mindfulness Based practices while maintaining a trauma informed lens. No matter the season or the weather, I will meet you right where you are.  I look forward to joining you on your journey!

    You can reach Amanda at or by phone at: (503) 510-0110.

    Supervisor: Tony Lai, LPC License #C-1718

  • avery lucas, MA, Marriage and family associate

    Pre-licensed professional

    Many of us struggle daily with issues like anxiety, stress, depression, anger or just feeling misunderstood.  My approach is to walk alongside you and explore and further process the challenges that may be present in your life.  I hope to provide an environment where you may feel safe and accepted. 

    I use attachment-based, existential and systems frameworks. together, we may work on exploring patterns in relationships, support systems, past and present experiences, and emotions.  I use Emotion-Focused Therapy, Play Therapy, Narrative Therapy, and Family Systems, while including a variation of other therapeutic modalities to help the individual, couple and family accomplish their goals. Your life experiences and story matter. It is incredibly brave to seek out help and I would be honored to be a part of your journey.

    You can reach Avery at or by phone at: (503) 755-8634

    Supervisor: Liz Gregory, LMFT, RPT-S License # T1390

  • Colby Schneider,  Licensed family & marriage Therapist

    I help families, couples, and individuals understand the deeper meaning of the problems that are holding them back and work with them so they can break free and reach their full potential.  I use empathy, compassion, and unconditional positive regard to guide my practice and help people to understand themselves.  Working together collaboratively and acknowledging that people are the experts of their own life, we will work together to end suffering while building self growth. Treatment modalities that I employ are Psychodynamic, Gestalt, Humanistic, and Trauma Focused/Cognitive Behavioral Therapies. 

    I work with young adults, individuals, and couples to assist in processing feelings and other issues to create the tools needed to thrive and live life to its fullest once again. I also focus on men's issues, toxic masculinity, anxiety, and depression.  I truly appreciate the opportunity to work with you on your journey of healing.

    Colby works out of both the Newberg and Portland locations. Colby offers in person and telehealth sessions on Saturdays.

    You can reach Colby at

    Phone: (503)213-6068

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  • David Kremmel  MA, Marriage and family associate

    Pre-Licensed Professional

    I believe therapy is a sacred space that involves courage and exploration around life's most meaningful and perplexing moments.  I am here to offer a space that is supportive, empathetic, and collaborative towards your journey in healing and growth.  Seeking counseling is a brave action toward a journey of transformation and discovery of the self.  As a Marriage, Couple, and Family Counseling associate, I focus on systems, connection and relationships.  These forces shape us greatly and it is my passion to offer therapeutic techniques to aid you in the challenges and struggles of life.

    I work from an integrative approach that includes Person-Centered, Emotionally Focused Therapy, and Acceptance Commitment Therapy.  My experience in a bi-racial marriage has increased my desire to work with couples, families, and individuals.  Whether it is anxiety, depression, trauma, adjustment difficulties, stress, OCD, relationship problems, toxic faith, or stuck in other difficulties you may face, it is my honor to sit with you in a non-judgmental and accepting therapeutic relationship.  I am committed to tailoring the entire process around your unique goals and strengths.  I believe the human potential we hold is outstanding and am eager for the opportunity to join you in this journey.

    David works out of the Portland location.

    You can reach David at 

    Phone at: (971) 254-3206

  • hailey gonnerman ma, marriage and family associate

    Pre-licensed Professional

    NOT Accepting clients at this time!

    Hailey provides a welcoming and warm space where her client's feel supported while still being challenged to grow and be stretched.  Through an experiential-humanistic approach, Hailey's therapy sessions incorporate exploring and experiencing emotions that guide behaviors.  Hailey recognizes that therapy can be hard work, that is why it is important that you feel seen and heard by her.  Hailey strives to understand all the unique pieces of each individual and couple that she sits with.   Hailey has a passion to work with couples and families, as well as young adults and adults.

    Hailey works out of the Portland and Newberg offices.  She is available for in-person and telehealth sessions.

    Hailey can be reached at:

    Phone: (971) 236-1440

    Supervisor: Michelle Engblom-Deglmann PhD, LMFT

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  • Jackie zebrowski MA, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

    Clinical Supervisor for LMFT and LPC Associates

    Jackie is not taking clients at this time

    I specialize in strengthening relationships, which includes the one you have with yourself.  I provide a safe space for you to explore past trauma, share vulnerable emotional experiences, and identify barriers to your success.  I believe you are the expert in your own life and my role is to help facilitate the changes you want to make.

    One style of therapy does not work for everyone; therefore I integrate different approaches to best serve you.  My strengths-based approach incorporates your past successes, strengths, resources, and hopes for the future.  Together we will co-create goals to improve your emotional and mental well being as you see fit.  I am passionate about the work I do to help individuals, couples, and families create the lives they desire.

    Jackie works out of the Portland location.

    Jackie can be reached at

    Phone: (858) 703-5341


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  • jacklin Tino, MA, CAT, Licensed Professional Counselor #C5260

    Certified Art Therapist

    Jacklin is a Certified Art Therapist and Licensed Professional Counselor.  She received her Master's Degree in Art Therapy from Drexel University in Philadelphia.  Since then she has worked with an array of clients, specializing in children, teens and young adults experiencing mood disorders

    Jacklin encourages clients to utilize art in session as a way to express themselves in an alternative manner.  She works to create a safe environment where clients can feel comfortable exploring challenges as well as strengths.  Jacklin uses a holistic approach to therapy, working to understand her clients as a whole.  One type of therapy does not work for everyone and in turn Jacklin uses a variety of techniques to create an individual approach that fits each client's needs.

    For more information about Art Therapy please visit the American Art Therapy Association's website:


    Jacklin works out of the Portland office.  


    You can reach Jacklin at:

    Phone: (971) 302-2585

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  • JOrdyn noland MA, Professional Counselor associate

    Pre-Licensed Professional

    Jordyn provides safe and supportive spaces for clients that allows for deeper exploration of the self.  Jordyn considers herself a lifelong learner and enjoys reading and learning more as a way to better serve her clients.  While in therapy with Jordyn you will begin to dive deeper into your emotional experiences, which will allow for a deeper understanding of the self.  Jordyn specializes in working with individuals dealing with issues related to body image, difficult relationships with food and/or exercise, anxiety, self-esteem, and members of the LGBTQIA+ community.

    Supervisor: Michelle Engblom-Deglmann PhD., LMFT (OR and CA)

    Jordyn works out of the Portland and Newberg locations and also offers virtual telehealth sessions.

    You can reach Jordyn at:

    Phone: (971) 257-1394

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  • julie kirchner M.A. Licensed marriage and family therapist

    Life can be overwhelming sometimes, and it can be hard to ask for help.  We all want to feel connected to others in our lives.  Relationships can be a source of great happiness and also be a cause of unlimited hurt.  I provide a safe, nonjudgmental space where my clients can work through issues in their lives.  I will walk alongside you while you are navigating life's challenges while working towards your goals.  As a wife and a mother of four children, I have gained an understanding of the complexity of family relationships.  I work with adults, teens, children, families, and couples and am especially interested in working with individuals who need support with family life  and other life transitions.


    Julie works out of both the Portland and Newberg locations and also offers virtual telehealth sessions.

    You can reach Julie at:

    Phone:(971) 253-7585

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  • liz gregory, ma, licensed marriage and family therapist, RPT-S

    Co-Founder, Program Director,  Registered Play Therapist & Supervisor, Clinical Supervisor for LMFT and LPC Associates

    Liz is not accepting clients at this time.  

    Liz is a Registered Play Therapist, Supervisor and Child and Family therapist with over 20 years experience working with children, teens and families. As a mother of 2 she is sensitive to the challenges of being a child in this generation as well as raising a cohesive family. Liz believes attunement and attachment are at the core of every human connection and she assists each client with ways to nurture that foundation. 

    She works with children, adolescents, couples and individuals.  Her specialties include working with children ages 3 and up with self-regulation, self-esteem and problem solving skills through Play Therapy; helping families navigate communication, separation or divorce challenges; Prepare/Enrich Pre-Marital counseling, PTSD and trauma, survivors of sexual abuse and anxiety, EMDR and much more.  

    Liz also offers to speak to groups and schools on Mindful Parenting.

    Liz works out of the Portland location.

    You can contact Liz at:

    Phone: 503-928-6542

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    License #T1390

  • Megan Murphy, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

    Megan IS accepting new clients.

    Real life is complicated and often times, it hurts.  The struggles that we experience can take on a variety of forms, ranging from depression and anxiety, to trauma.  As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, I am dedicated to supporting my clients on their journey towards healing, empowerment and hope.  I strive to offer a personalized and collaborative approach in therapy that focuses on developing strong, trusting relationships with my clients.  I utilize a humanistic, strength-based, non-judgmental style to provide a safe space for my clients and their families to explore, heal and grow. I work with a wide variety of individuals and groups (adolescents, adults, couples and families) and work in depth with trauma/abuse, women's issues, infertility, postpartum struggles, anxiety, depression and relationship issues.  I aspire to help my clients improve coping skills, enhance interpersonal relationships, increase self-esteem and build positive communication skills.

    I am also licensed in both Oregon and California as an LMFT.

    Megan works out of both the Portland and Newberg locations.

    You can reach Megan at

    Phone: (971) 337-0731

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  • Meg Craig, M.A. Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

    Clinical Supervisor Candidate for LMFT and LPC Associates

    Meg is passionate about working with clients to reach and exceed their goals.  As a practitioner, she is constantly learning and enriching herself as a means to serve her clients in a more specific and effective manner.  In therapy, you and Meg will unpack your history one piece at a time and build a brighter future.  Meg is elated for the opportunity to stand by your side during life's rocky moments and looks forward to becoming a part of your journey.

    Meg works out of both the Portland location.  She is available for in-person and telehealth sessions. 

    You can reach Meg at:

    Phone: 708-337-1190


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  • Michelle e. shelton, EDd, Ma, licensed marriage and family Therapist

    I believe it is more important than ever to consider your mental health needs.  I have over 10 years of experience working in mental health as a therapist, leader, advocate, educator, and researcher.  I would love the opportunity to partner with you on your mental health and well-being needs. I am passionate about finding ways to work with individuals in order to have their lives be more fulfilling, productive, motivated and healthy.

    I understand the challenges that are faced in individuals and as a parent.  I am committed to working with my clients in establishing their goals and how to best work towards achieving them.  My goal is to work with my clients in order to provide a safe, healthy, accepting and collaborative environment.

    In addition to my experience as a therapist I have worked for many years in higher education developing a deep understanding and commitment to the field of psychology.  I utilize my education and experience in order to provide an evidence-based approach to therapy for a variety of mental needs.

    Michelle works out of the Newberg location as well as providing Telehealth appointments. 

    You can reach Michelle at

    Phone: (971) 940-0702

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  • sam wolf ma, qmhp-r,  Professional Counselor associate

    Pre-licensed Professional

    There are many different ways to heal, just as there are many different ways to grieve and process.  I am a believer that one does not need to have something "wrong" with them in order to seek help.  Whether you have hit your personal rock bottom, or just a blip in the road, I will provide a safe and healing space to come alongside you and work collaboratively in order to find what truly feels authentic for you and your life.  I find working with children, teenagers, and adults in family/couple systems important because of the influential nature of our environment.  

    When one person or dynamic shifts, every person is affected and has to adjust accordingly.  I am interested in helping you find your best course of action while also acknowledging the impact of the systems you are a apart of.  

    I have been trained in an eclectic range of approaches including family-systems therapy, couples therapy, group therapy, play therapy, trauma-focused therapy, emotion-focused therapy and restoration therapy. My experiences and training have fueled me with a true passion for attachment-related work and family dynamics.  I am particularly passionate about collaborating to help navigate anxiety, depression, family conflict, and parent-child relationships.  As your therapist, I aim to provide an intentional space to help heal, release, reconnect, or set boundaries with the people around you.  Above all else, I want you to access a place where you feel consistently seen and heard.

    You can reach Sam at 

    Phone at (971) 217-6104

  • Shari Davison, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

    Director of Operations, Clinical Supervisor for LMFT and LPC Associates

    Shari is an Individual Couples and Family Therapist who is passionate about working with teens, individuals, families and couples. She has over 12 years experience working as a Mental Health Therapist, Parent Educator, Teacher, Child Advocate and Mentor. She specializes in working with individuals and families that have experienced trauma, PTSD and family relational issues. 

    Shari works out of both the Portland and Newberg locations. She provides EMDR therapy services.

    You can contact Shari at:

    Phone: 503-336-9744

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  • skyler Johnston, MA,  Licensed professional counselor

    Researchers have consistently found that the most powerful determinant of therapeutic success is the relationship with one's counselor.  It is the safe, non-judgmental and genuine connection that enables the healing process to move forward.  I have made it my mission as a helping professional to bring a lens of radical openness to my interactions with others, to foster safe spaces where we can collaboratively explore behaviors, thoughts and experiences. The aim is always to promote greater well-being, personal growth and integration both within oneself and to the environment around us.

    I work with families, couples and individuals age twelve and up, across a wide spectrum of issues and concerns.  These include but are not limited to: anxiety, depression, life transitions, relationships, sex and intimacy, career counseling, health, nutrition, family systems, aging, grief and loss.

    My approach to counseling has been strongly influenced by the field of positive psychology and solution focused therapy.  Both emphasize the here-and-now and work to address problems and areas of dysfunction, whilst simultaneously identifying strengths and promoting wellness.  The process of change is not always easy, but it doesn't have to be undertaken alone.

    Skyler works out of both the Portland and Newberg locations.

    You can reach Skyler at:

    Phone: (206) 518-9790

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  • Tracy ann murdza ma, marriage and family associate

    Pre-licensed Professional

    Life can bring with it experiences and emotions for all of us that are sometimes hard to process on our own.  Having a safe and supportive space to do that processing can diminish negative feelings and bring us to a place of joy, peace, and healing. As a mental health professional, I hope to support clients in working through daily stresses, traumatic events, life transitions, and relationship challenges that they may be facing.  I approach all clients with a desire to step into their world as an observer and serve as a guide to uncovering strengths and possible solutions that can bring about change and healing.  I have a heart for helping families and all of the systems that make them up. This included working with children, teens, adults, couples, and families.  During my time at George Fox University, I have received training in Family Therapy, Play Therapy, Sandtray Therapy, Filial Therapy, Crisis Intervention, and Couples Therapy techniques including Emotion-Focused Therapy.  My counseling approach is integrative and based on the needs of my clients.  When working with clients I strive to bring my authentic self to the therapeutic relationship.  This would include providing a warm, empathetic, non-judgmental, open and honest environment that will hopefully at times include some humor and shared laughter.  Entering therapy and sharing a piece of yourself takes bravery and I would be honored to to provide you a safe space to step into.

    You can reach Tracy Ann at 

    Phone at: (503) 400-3387

  • tee amor-mashino MA, Professional Counselor Associate

    Pre-licensed Professional

    I believe that you are the expert of your own experience. I hope to create a space where you feel safe, cared for, respected, and welcomed to explore deeper layers of that experience as well as help with what you need in the present moment. My approach is strongly influenced by Solution-Focused and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. Through our collaboration we will work to explore your concerns and the goals you would like to implement in your life while acknowledging sources of strength and resiliency.  

    I am passionate about working with individuals in marginalized populations, those wanting to manage their anxiety, depression, trauma and helping individuals through DV/IPV.

    Tee works out of the Portland location and is available for in person and telehealth session. 

    You can reach Tee at

    Phone at: (971) 770-0622

    Supervisor: Shari Davison, MA LMFT License # T1248