Groups and Classes

The Hope Connection offers groups and classes. 

  • anger management group

    This 5- week group offers an opportunity for participants to work on conflict resolution, healthy emotion expression, self-control, reality-based responding and do much more.

    When: Saturdays- February 4th-March 4th

    Where: The Hope Connection- 2855 Hayes Street, suite 201 Newberg

    Time: 10am-1pm

    cost: $125 for 5 groups

    Contact by February 3rd: Amanda at (971) 264-1989 or at

    Click here for flyer with more information anger management

  • Group for lgbtq+ teens and caregivers/parents

    This 6-week process group will provide a safe space for families to grow in their communication and support of their LGBTQ+ teen and learn to thrive.

    When: Fridays- January 27th- March 3rd

    Where: Zoom/Online

    Time: 6:30pm-8:00pm

    Cost: $45/family per group

    Contact by January 13th- Alana at

    Click here for flyer with more information  Safe Spaces Group Brochure.jpg

  • women's processing group

    This 8- week group will provide a collaborative, safe and evidence based space for women to process the challenges they encounter while being single in today's world. 

    When: Wednesdays- February 15th-April 5th

    Where: Zoom

    Time: 7pm-8:30pm

    Cost: $30/group

    Contact: Amanda at or by phone at 971-304-8252

    Click here for flyer with more information Women_s_Processing_Group.png

  • Couples hold me tight workshops

    This 6-week couples group is based on the book by Dr. Sue Johnson- "Hold Me Tight". 

    When: Mondays starting January 16th- February 20th

    Where: Zoom

    Time: 6pm-8pm

    Cost: $45/couple/workshop

    Contact: Avery Lucas at or Kristina Wells at

    Click here for flyer with more information 2023_Couples_workshop.jpeg