Counseling Student Interns

As an approved Internship site for CACREP accredited Universities, our mission is to offer our Graduate Student Interns a one year program in a private practice setting where they will be assigned to a mentor to work directly with them. This provides them with the opportunity to gain experience on how to be an integral member of the Mental Health Community as well as gaining unprecedented knowledge of how to have a successful private practice. Interns are well trained and provide competent supervised therapy for individuals, couples, families, and groups. They are able to offer these services at affordable rates. 

  • david Kremmel

    I believe therapy is a sacred space that involves courage and exploration around life's most meaningful and perplexing moments.  I am here to offer a space that is supportive, empathetic, and collaborative towards your journey in healing and growth.  Seeking counseling is a brave action toward a journey of transformation and discovery of the self.  As a Marriage, Couple, and Family Counseling graduate student intern I focus on systems, connection and relationships.  These forces shape us greatly and it is my passion to offer therapeutic techniques to aid you in the challenges and struggles of life.

    I work from an integrative approach that includes Person-Centered, Emotionally Focused Therapy, and Acceptance Commitment Therapy.  My experience in a bi-racial marriage has increased my desire to work with couples, families, and individuals.  Whether it is anxiety, depression, trauma, adjustment difficulties, stress, OCD, relationship problems, toxic faith, or stuck in other difficulties you may face, it is my honor to sit with you in a non-judgmental and accepting therapeutic relationship.  I am committed to tailoring the entire process around your unique goals and strengths.  I believe the human potential we hold is outstanding and am eager for the opportunity to join you in this journey.

    You can reach David at or by phone at: (971) 254-3206

    Supervisors: Liz Gregory, LMFT, RPT and Shari Davison, LMFT

  • hannah bittner

    Life is filled with experiences that bring both joy and pain; as a George Fox University Marriage, Couple, and Family Therapy graduate intern, it is my honor to walk alongside you and support you in your journey towards hope and healing.  I fully believe in the benefits of counseling as a collaborative process; you, the client, are the expert in your life.  I work with couples, families, children, adolescents, and adults.  Specifically, I approach work with couples through an Emotion-Focused Therapy lens.  I am passionate about working with intercultural couples, individuals struggling with body image issues and/or food related issues, and couples, individuals, and families experiencing significant life transitions.  Seeking support through counseling can be incredibly difficult and intimidating, and I look forward to coming alongside you in your journey.

    You can reach Hannah at: or by phone at: (541) 207-6127

    Supervisors: Liz Gregory, LMFT, RPT and Shari Davison, LMFT

  • Jedidiah smith

    Seeking counseling is a brave move for your well-being. Our lives have many challenges that are so difficult to face on our own. I am here to walk with you as you work toward regaining your balance and peace.  In our time together, you will learn techniques for coping, mindfulness methods for grounding, and skills for healthier living.  I work with individuals, couples, and families of all ages and from all walks of life.  I help people work through trauma, anxiety, depression, and family or relationship challenges to name a few.  My therapy approach is strongly influenced by Systems Psychology, Strengths Based, and Emotion Focused Therapies.  The process of therapy is both challenging and rewarding, and can help you achieve the peace and joy you are seeking. 

    I am a husband, father of four, worked for years in residential programs for children and adults, and am an LMFT Graduate Student Intern.  These experiences help me bring a higher level of understanding and insight to my clients. 

    You can reach Jedidiah at: or by phone at: (971) 381-2769

    Supervisors: Liz Gregory, LMFT, RPT and Shari Davison, LMFT

  • kim daglen

    We can all benefit from additional support and guidance to address specific problems in life or as a means to further personal growth.  Our therapeutic journey together can offer you a safe space to explore your inner world while providing valuable tools to diffuse negative thinking and develop greater self-love and acceptance.  Exploring emotions and discussing difficult or traumatic life experiences takes a great deal of courage and vulnerability.  I welcome and honor you and your story.  I value providing a respectful, compassionate, and nonjudgmental space for all clients.  With a foundation of trust, we can collaborate together on achieving your goals and unearthing a sense of peace and purpose.  We can work together to increase self-awareness and presence of mind to create opportunities for growth and change in your life and relationships. I draw a variety of experiential modalities such as mindfulness and body-centered awareness techniques and practices to help clients of all ages access greater calm, connection, and joy.  Through a kind and open relational style, I can help you make the transformative life changes you seek.

    You can reach Kim at: or by phone at (503) 400-3308

    Supervisors: Liz Gregory, LMFT, RPT and Shari Davison, LMFT

  • nancy almquist

    Reaching out for help in a constantly changing world takes courage.  Changes can be both overwhelming and exiting.  You need to know you are not alone.  As your therapist, I will partner with you to help find solutions and meaning in the uncertainty you are facing.  Emotional distress and relational conflict are common human experiences.  I invite you into this journey of self-discovery.  I offer you hope and acceptance right where you are.  I believe you are wired with resiliency and have the capacity to face life head-on. 

    I use a collaborative approach to help individuals work towards difficult and challenging times with a variety of therapeutic techniques.  As a Clinical and Mental Health Graduate Student Intern, I provide services for people who are struggling with a range of emotional concerns including anxiety, depression, stress, grief, loss, shame and low self-worth.

    My work with you is a compassionate, non-judgmental and sensitive manner centered around a holistic approach.  Whether your source of distress is a specific event, trauma, relationship, communication pattern, or life transition, I am here to help you.  Together we can find you hope and healing.

    You can reach Nancy at: or by phone at: (503) 382-8905

    Supervisors: Liz Gregory, LMFT, RPT and Shari Davison, LMFT

  • sam wolf

    There are many different ways to heal, just as there are many different ways to grieve and process.  I am a believer that one does not need to have something "wrong" with them in order to seek help.  Whether you have hit your personal rock bottom, or just a blip in the road, I will provide a safe and healing space to come alongside you and work collaboratively in order to find what truly feels authentic for you and your life.  I find working with children, teenagers, and adults in family/couple systems important because of the influential nature of our environment.  

    When one person or dynamic shifts, every person is affected and has to adjust accordingly.  I am interested in helping you find your best course of action while also acknowledging the impact of the systems you are a apart of.  

    Throughout my master's level education, I have been trained in an eclectic range of approaches including family-systems therapy, couples therapy, group therapy, play therapy, trauma-focused therapy, emotion-focused therapy and restoration therapy. Along with several previous internships in the mental health field, my experiences and training have fueled me with a true passion for attachment-related work and family dynamics.  I am particularly passionate about collaborating to help navigate anxiety, depression, family conflict, and parent-child relationships.  As your therapist, I aim to provide an intentional space to help heal, release, reconnect, or set boundaries with the people around you.  Above all else, I want you to access a place where you feel consistently seen and heard.

    You can reach Sam at or by phone at (503)400-3990

    Supervisors Liz Gregory, LMFT, RPT and Shari Davison, LMFT

  • sandie lamb-moudy

    We are relational beings who sometimes feel challenges in relating to others and to ourselves.  Life is full of difficult moments as well as heartbreaks that can bring up lots of tricky emotions and feelings.  Sometimes this causes us not to feel our best.  I offer HOPE.  I believe counseling is meant to empower individuals to explore their relationship with themselves as well as their relationships to others including their deceased loved ones. I use an attachment lens and a melding of several theories to help individuals to know and to care for themselves deeply.  This can often be a stormy endeavor.  I use a person-centered approach and believe each person knows themselves best.  I also really enjoy using expressive arts as a way to explore ourselves.  I have been involved in physical therapy rehabilitation for many years and love to help people learn about the mind-body-spirit connection.  As a graduate student intern, I will be a companion and gentle tour guide helping individuals to know themselves more thoroughly so that they can lead a more fulfilling, integrated life.  As someone who has experienced deep grief and survived trauma, I am able to offer empathy and compassion to clients experiencing painful life challenges such as the death of a loved one and those adapting to life transitions.  I create a safe, open and supportive space free from judgement where we can collaborate and individuals can feel open to reflect, explore, heal, and grow into the type of human they wish to be.  I honor each individuals story and acknowledge the courage to begin a therapeutic counseling relationship.

    You can reach Sandie at or by phone at:(503) 461-0162.

    Supervisors: Liz Gregory, LMFT, RPT and Shari Davison, LMFT

  • shelby clarke

    I fully believe in the therapeutic process as being collaborative: after all, you, the client, are the expert on your life!  Through our work together, I will provide an inviting space for you to be authentically seen and heard.

    As a Marriage, Couples, and Family Graduate Student Intern, I approach the therapeutic space with couples, families, and individuals through Emotion-Focused and Person-Centered therapy lenses.  I specialize in helping with relationship, anxiety, body image and self-esteem related issues. I am enthusiastic about coming alongside you in your brave, healing journey!

    You can reach Shelby at or by phone at: (503) 395-7109

    Supervisors:Liz Gregory, LMFT, RPT and Shari Davison, LMFT

  • Tracy ann murdza

    Life can bring with it experiences and emotions for all of us that are sometimes hard to process on our own.  Having a safe and supportive space to do that processing can diminish negative feelings and bring us to a place of joy, peace, and healing. As a mental health professional, I hope to support clients in working through daily stresses, traumatic events, life transitions, and relationship challenges that they may be facing.  I approach all clients with a desire to step into their world as an observer and serve as a guide to uncovering strengths and possible solutions that can bring about change and healing.  As a Marriage, Couple, and Family Counseling graduate student intern, I have a heart for helping families and all of the systems that make them up. This included working with children, teens, adults, couples, and families.  During my time at George Fox University, I have received training in Family Therapy, Play Therapy, Sandtray Therapy, Filial Therapy, Crisis Intervention, and Couples Therapy techniques including Emotion-Focused Therapy.  My counseling approach is integrative and based on the needs of my clients.  When working with clients I strive to bring my authentic self to the therapeutic relationship.  This would include providing a warm, empathetic, non-judgmental, open and honest environment that will hopefully at times include some humor and shared laughter.  Entering therapy and sharing a piece of yourself takes bravery and I would be honored to to provide you a safe space to step into.

    You can reach Tracy Ann at or by phone at: (503) 400-3387

    Supervisors: Liz Gregory, LMFT, RPT and Shari Davison, LMFT