Counseling Student Interns

As an approved Internship site for CACREP accredited Universities, our mission is to offer our Graduate Student Interns a one year program in a private practice setting where they will be assigned to a mentor to work directly with them. This provides them with the opportunity to gain experience on how to be an integral member of the Mental Health Community as well as gaining unprecedented knowledge of how to have a successful private practice. Interns are well trained and provide competent supervised therapy for individuals, couples, families, and groups. They are able to offer these services at affordable rates. 

  • Amy cozad

    Life is full of challenges and unexpected events.  It is easy to feel stressed and overwhelmed in today's world.  I invite you to take a journey with me to recognize and define the issues that have been impacting your life.  I believe creativity is the gateway to the psyche and the soul.  Using the tools of Sandtray Therapy and Expressive Arts, you will be guided to identify the problems, feelings and emotions that are not always accessible in a day-to-day basis.

    I am a graduate student intern at George Fox University and will complete my Masters of Art degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling in 2021. My approach to counseling is Person-Centered Therapy with Expressive Art modalities and Jungian influences.  I work with individuals who are undergoing life transitions with the intention of self-growth and awareness, and teens who are navigating through life and want to feel empowered to be who they truly are. I bring empathy and acceptance to the family dynamics in the LGBTQIA community.  I help couples find new healing patterns and conflict resolution. Together you can find empowerment by unlocking your creative self, recognizing your strengths and weaknesses, while also gaining helpful insight about the journey into your world and future.

    You can reach Amy at: or by phone at: (971) 251-1759

    Supervisors: Liz Gregory, LMFT, RPT and Shari Davison, LMFT

  • hailey gonnerman

    I believe it is an honor to be trusted with a person's deepest emotions.  I am here to offer you a space where you feel supported, understood and challenged to explore those difficult and seemingly hard to reach places within yourself.  My hope is to foster a trusting relationship with you where together we can identify the strengths you already have in order to cultivate change and growth.  As a Marriage, Couples and Family graduate student intern, I see how each individual is shaped by relationships and events.  I view counseling as a collaborative process where I strive to understand each client based on his or her own psychological, physical, and spiritual background.  I work with individuals, children, adolescents, couples and families. I have received focused training in Play Therapy, Filial Therapy, Emotion-Focused Couple Therapy, Restoration Therapy, Couples Therapy, Family Therapy, Group Therapy and Crisis Therapy Intervention.  It can be difficult to reach out for help but I believe all people can benefit from counseling at one or multiple points in their life.

    You can reach Hailey at: or by phone at: (971) 236-1440

    Supervisors: Liz Gregory, LMFT, RPT and Shari Davison, LMFT

  • Jordyn griffin

    Life can feel challenging at times and in those times, it can be hard to reach out and ask for help. I'm here as a resource to work alongside you in your journey towards growth, discovery, hope and healing. I believe in the benefits of counseling whether it's used to work through a specific issue or for greater discovery and understanding of the self. I work with couples, families, children, adolescents, young adults, and adults.  I'm passionate about working with clients dealing with issues related to body image, difficult relationships with food and/or exercise, anxiety, depression and relationship difficulties.  My personal experiences as a wife and a mother have helped inform my counseling practice and focus on Couples and Family work. I've completed the Gottman Level 1 Training, which is a specialized approach to couple's therapy.  I'm here to work with you through whatever journey you're embarking on and believe in a collaborative approach to counseling, where you, the client, take the driver's seat as the expert on your life.  As a Graduate Marriage, Couples, and Family Counseling Student Intern, I'm able to offer my services at affordable rates.  I'm looking forward to embarking on this counseling journey together.

    You can reach Jordyn at: or by phone at: (971) 257-1394

    Supervisors: Liz Gregory, LMFT, RPT and Shari Davison, LMFT

  • Julie kirchner

    Life can be overwhelming sometimes, and it can be hard to ask for help.  We all want to feel connected to others in our lives.  Relationships can be a source of great happiness and also can be a cause of unlimited hurt.  Counseling is a safe, nonjudgmental space where people can work on the in their lives.  I am here to walk beside you at your own pace.  As a Marriage and Family counseling graduate student at George Fox University, I will modify my approach to what best fits my client's needs.  I work with adults, teenagers, children, families and couples.  I have a great passion for Play Therapy with all its benefits for children and their families.  I have experience working with children and families in the pediatric dental setting while helping special needs children feel at ease.  My personal experience as a wife and parent of four has benefited my clinical practice.  I am especially interested in working with individuals that need support with family life and other life transitions. I am here to support you in navigating your challenges in the different relationships you have and will be there when you are ready to start. 

    You can reach Julie at: or by phone at: (971) 253-7585

    Supervisors: Liz Gregory, LMFT, RPT and Shari Davison, LMFT  

  • Rachel Storm

    Life is filled with experiences that bring joy and pain. So much of this life journey that we are on can be stressful, overwhelming, and sometimes painful.  This all can look like depression, anxiety, trauma, anger, or any number of other responses. My role as a George Fox Clinical Mental Health Counseling graduate student intern is to walk with you through these experiences and moments.  I bring a non-judgmental and caring presence to the counseling relationship.  My passion is providing you with hope for your future, and focusing on working with you as you process, formulate, and achieve goals. My clinical focus is on Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy as well as Integrated Person-Centered techniques. I have experience with teenagers in an alternative high school where I worked with students to help them find motivation to pursue the life they wanted and supported them as they worked through challenging issues.  I work with adults, teenagers, children, families, and couples. Seeking counseling is a difficult and truly courageous step to take.  I am eager to come alongside you as you hope and plan for a brighter tomorrow.

    You can reach Rachel at: or by phone at: (207) 640-2304

    Supervisors: Liz Gregory, LMFT, RPT and Shari Davison, LMFT

  • Rob rusunen

    I offer a collaborative and integrative approach to your mental health incorporating multiple types of therapeutic techniques.  Living in moments of emotional distress due to challenges in life is a common human experience.  Seeking therapy to help work through these challenges is a vulnerable and brave decision.  As a George Fox Clinical Mental Health Counseling graduate student intern and through my own experiences working with others, I believe that individuals are motivated and have the capacity to find their own solutions but often find it difficult to accomplish them alone.  As your therapist, I will partner with you to help find solutions to the barriers, struggles, and uncertainties that you are facing while enhancing your life.  I provide services to all individuals who are struggling with a range of concerns including anxiety, stress, depression, grief, loss, shame, low self-worth, and difficult life transitions.  I will work with you in a compassionate, non-judgmental, and caring way centered around a balanced holistic approach.  I believe we all have the capacity for healing, personal growth, and the potential to create a more meaningful life.

    You can reach Rob at: or by phone at: (207) 640-2269

    Supervisors: Liz Gregory, LMFT, RPT and Shari Davison, LMFT