Counseling Student Interns

As an approved Internship site for CACREP accredited Universities, our mission is to offer our interns a one year program in a private practice setting where they will be assigned to a mentor to work directly with them. This provides them with the opportunity to gain experience on how to be an integral member of the Mental Health Community as well as gaining unprecedented knowledge of how to have a successful private practice. Interns are well trained and provide competent supervised therapy for individuals, couples, families, and groups. They are able to offer this service at a discounted price.

  • Alheli Tica-Figueroa

    Our experiences shape our perspective and affect how we move through our lives.  Because of this, I believe that my role as a therapist is to join you where you are at in this process in order to meet your individual needs.  I strive to make genuine connections with persons so that they can feel understood and heard.  I understand that taking this next step and reaching out can be scary.  So, I am dedicated to creating an open, and supportive environment where I can work alongside you toward your journey of healing.  

    I work with individuals, children, couples and families.  I work from a systemic and socio-cultural lens to foster change and resiliency within oneself.  It's important to take into account all aspects of our environment in order to understand our various identities and who we are within the contexts we exist in.  I am LGBTQ+ affirming and specialize in working with persons from culturally diverse backgrounds.

    The modalities I work from include Attachment Theory, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Solution-Focused Therapy, Family Systems, and Emotionally Focused Therapy.  I collaborate with you to find what will best fit your therapeutic goals, and will tailor it as needed.  My clinical interests include family conflict, self esteem, anxiety, depression, trauma, attachment injury, racial identity, grief, adjustment issues, and life transitions.  I aim to work from a place that will make you feel validated in your experiences.  

    I'm a graduate student intern at Lewis and Clark and will receive my Masters of Arts in Marriage, Couple, and Family Therapy in 2019.  Ofrezco servicios de terapia en espanol- I offer therapy services in Spanish.  I also offer Saturday appointments.  

    Alheli works out of both the Newberg and Portland locations.

    You can reach Alheli at:

    Phone: (971) 361-6756

    Supervisor: Liz Gregory, MA, LMFT, RPT

  • alicia turgesen

    Throughout our lives, we are shaped by the things that we endure.  Whether it be a person, event, job, or social message, these things can range from either empowering and heartening or painful and damaging.  For many of us, the damaging bits find their way into our very core and hinder growth.  It may take a long time for us to acknowledge these parts of ourselves and an even greater amount of courage to face them head-on.  As a Marriage and Family Therapist, I will support any person seeking to reclaim their life, no matter how difficult the path may appear.

    Within my therapeutic approach, I bring with me a deep admiration and appreciation for nature.  As our society becomes increasingly technological, we're slowly disconnecting from the natural world of which we are a part.  I believe a good deal of our pain stems from losing this connection that was once inherent to our existence.  With clients, I incorporate a lot of nature-based interventions  because they've proven to be incredibly effective.  These approaches include, but are not limited to, nature-inspired art therapy, outdoor walk-and-talk therapy, nature-based journaling and meditation, etc.

    Currently, I am a graduate intern in the final stages of my Masters degree program in Marriage, Couple, and Family Therapy at Lewis and Clark.  I'm also enrolled in the Ecopsychology Certificate program, which has offered extensive training and knowledge in the fundamentals of Ecopsychology and its application, Ecotherapy.  I aspire to work with folks through all stages of life, especially children and adolescents, along with their families.

    Alicia works out of both the Newberg and Portland locations.

    You can reach Alicia at

    Phone: (971) 803-5309

    Supervisor: Liz Gregory, MA, LMFT, RPT

  • Elise Howell

    Asking for help can be scary, and asking for it from a stranger can be downright daunting.  As your therapist it is my goal to create a safe and supportive place where we can walk through whatever challenges life has thrown your way.  Therapy should be a relationship where you are able to both share your pain, and feel empowered to begin creating a life that is both meaningful and fulfilling.  I feel honored to be invited to help my clients work through relationship difficulties, stressful life transitions, anxiety, depression, and any other burden that feels too heavy to carry.

    As an attachment centered therapist, I believe that those close to us play a role in shaping our sense of self and worldview.  I am passionate about helping my clients form and maintain healthy relationships with those around them.  This can include both cultivating intimacy, and setting healthy boundaries.

    I am a student intern finishing my Masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy at George Fox University.  I have received additional training in Emotions Focused Therapy for couples and families.  I also utilize Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Child-Centered Play Therapy, and Sand Tray Therapy.

    Elise works out of both the Newberg and Portland locations.

    You can reach Elise at

    Phone: (559) 377-6035

    Supervisor: Shari Davison, MA, LMFT

  • jake bassen

    I believe that therapy is a unique and sacred space where you, as the client, can speak freely and honestly about the things that you care about and would like to see improve.  I believe that you are the expert of your own life and experiences.  As a therapist, I will strive to help you feel heard, supported, and empowered while discovering new insight and taking the next steps toward living in a more authentic and connected way.  It is my goal to partner with you as you develop new skills and perspectives that will help you tackle life's challenges, strengthen your relationships, and work toward creating the changes in your life that you have been hoping for.

    I work with individuals, couples, and children and treat each therapeutic experience as unique while using various approaches supported by research.  In my work with couples I use Emotionally-Focused Therapy, which focuses on connection and building a strong foundation between partners.  I use more expressive approaches when appropriate, including Play Therapy with children in which the child's play is their language and toys are used as their words.  I also incorporate Child-Parent Relationship Training to strengthen the bond between parents and their children.

    I am a graduate student intern at George Fox University and I will be graduating with my Master's Degree in Marriage, Couple and Family Counseling in Spring 2019.  In my free time, I enjoy spending time with friends and family, and recording and performing music.

    Jake works out of both the Newberg and Portland locations.

    You can reach Jake at:

    Phone:(503) 451-6753

    Supervisor: Liz Gregory, MA, LMFT, RPT

  • Jaxon Shaffer

    Many of us internalize messages from society about how our lives are supposed to look and when our circumstances don't measure up, we experience a lot of guilt and shame.  Often times when grieving painful losses, experiencing traumatic life circumstance or when we are caught up in problematic patterns and behaviors, we fail to recognize the inherent wisdom and problem-solving skills we hold inside ourselves.  I understand the courage and vulnerability it takes to enter a therapy room with strong feelings of despair, uncertainty, and isolation.  My style is warm, empowering, and collaborative; I offer a safe, non-judgmental space to welcome clients to explore and be their authentic selves.

    Together we will discuss tailoring a treatment plan to who you are and your specific needs.  I work from various approaches including Experiential, Emotionally Focused, Narrative, Queer Theory, and Feminist Theory.  I specialize in working with LGBT identifying individuals, couples, and families as well as relationship issues, addictions, trauma, anxiety and depression.  I am enthusiastic about helping clients learn better ways to express themselves and communicate their needs to others.  I take on a social justice, systemic lens in my approach to the healing process incorporating various aspects of the client's identity and relationships in a journey of the self-discovery and rediscovery of inner strength and resilience.

    I am a graduate student intern at Lewis and Clark School of Education and Counseling and will complete a Master's of Science degree in Marriage, Couple, and Family Therapy in 2019.  In my spare time, I enjoy spending time in the sun, exploring with my dog, rock climbing, and deepening my relationships with friends and family.

    Jaxon works out of both the Newberg and the Portland locations.

    You can reach Jaxon at:

    Phone: (619) 648-3922

    Supervisor: Shari Davison, MA, LMFT

  • Paulina Solis

    I provide a warm, safe, accepting environment for individuals, children, couples, and families to grow and rebuild hope for the future.  Together we can work toward your goals, helping you to build upon your inner strengths, relationships, and community resources.  Significant change comes when you discover new ways to cope and feel freer to enjoy what life offers.  I highly value individual needs, unique backgrounds, and work to provide an environment that is specifically tailored to your needs.  Humor and a genuine connection are important in my work and I value the relationship I create with you.

    I specialize in helping people become more successful in their relationships.  Relationships can often take a toll on our mental and emotional well being.  I support couples, children, and families as they recognize and shift destructive patterns and strengthen their sense of security and connection.

    My approach includes techniques from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Emotionally Focused Therapy, Family Systems, Attachment Theory, Narrative Therapy and Nature-based Therapy.  I value a holistic view of the self and the interconnection of the mind and body.  Overall, I focus on the whole person and their life experiences and allow for flexibility in our sessions to fit your needs.

    My clinical interests include: couples work, family conflict, play therapy, anxiety, depression, trauma, attachment injury, personal growth, life transitions, stress management, adjustment issues, and grief.  I am LGBTQ+ affirming and social justice oriented.

    As a Graduate Student intern, I am committed to walking alongside you in the therapy process. It takes courage to reach out for help and support and I encourage you to take the next step. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or inquiries.

    Paulina works out of both the Newberg and Portland locations.

    You can reach Paulina at:

    Phone: (928) 323-0131

    Supervisor: Shari Davison, MA, LMFT