Services Offered

The Hope Connection offers a variety of counseling services. Our therapists specialize in different areas so that we can provide a holistic approach to helping you find answers to what is challenging in  your life. We work together to find solutions toward your better well-being.

Treatments include but are not limited to:

Individual, Couple, Child, Adolescent and Family Therapy





Emotion Focused Therapy

Pre-Marital, Marital and Partner Therapy

Parenting Support

Play Therapy and Expressive Art Therapy


Grief & Loss Therapy

Work and Career issues

PTSD/Traumatic events

Domestic Violence

Narcissistic Personalities

Panic Attacks

Stress Management

Addiction & Recovery

Conflict Resolution


Women's Issues & Empowerment

Body Image

Self Harm

Impulsive Behaviors


Toxic Faith

Caregiver/Child Relationship

Suicidal Ideation

Premarital Counseling

Make an Investment in Yourselves:

Couples invest months of planning and considerable resources creating a perfect wedding day. Why not invest in making sure the rest of your life together will be just as beautiful.

Marriage Preparation:

What is your relationship built on? What happens when performance, perfections or appearance fade? Often couples begin a marriage relationship without preparation, unrealistic expectations, and unresolved issues between them. We all go through stages of development throughout our lifetime. No matter what stage a couple enters marriage, they will have issues and conflicts to resolve. Understanding change and seasons of life and how they will affect a marriage provides a foundation on which to build a lasting relationship.

It's a Family Affair:

Marriage involves more than the blending of two individuals. Each partner comes with a set of relatives and friends that are building blocks to a new relationship. Understanding how these relationships fit together is part of the training couples receive in pre-marital counseling at The Hope Connection.

What We Provide:

The Hope Connection's Pre-Marital program is 8 sessions that include: Prepare-Enrich Inventory, Family history exploration, expectations, roles, communication tools, handling conflict, finances, and intimacy. You will meet with a therapist in a safe, comfortable environment as you discover your strengths and growth edges and how to equip yourselves for the journey that lies ahead.

Couples Therapy

When two people come together in a committed relationship they bring not only their families with them but friends, and life experiences that at times can cause tension in the best of relationships. Couple counseling is for those who want to strengthen and refine their commitment and work through the things that are blocking their communication and love. 

Family Therapy

We are all members of a family system whether through birth, adoption, or assimilation. Even when we become adults we never really leave the shaping influence of our families behind us. All family members want their voice to be heard. The therapists at The Hope Connection, THC work to let each member of a family have their time and place to be heard. In a safe and confidential atmosphere you will work together to resolve family conflicts and build a stronger relationship. Counselors will help families with communication skills, problem solving, and finding new ways to make changes within the system honoring their differences and working together to a better co-existence. 

Children communicate through play. We use play therapy to help children work though emotional issues and trauma that they may not be able to communicate through words. We encourage parents to participate and learn how to help their children process the "icky" things that may be bothering them that they cannot verbally communicate. Our therapists are trained in child-centered play therapy. 

Watch a video to better understand what Play Therapy is and is not.

Sandtray Therapy

Sandtray is a way to reach the soul without words. Sand tray uses figurines, toys, miniatures, and natural elements to paint a picture of what is going on that may be too difficult or unreachable through traditional talk-therapy. Sand tray offers an alternative method in helping clients work through issues that are bothering them and help towards healing.